John Graney
Brading Town Councillor
The views expressed here are all my own

Welcome to my website
Firstly thank you to the people of Brading for voting for me and placing your confidence in me.

Since being elected in May 2017 I have been a member of the council's Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Station Committee. I am also Brading's representative on the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils (IWALC) and the community representative on the steering committee of the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

For those who don't know, click here for a little of my history.

I stood for the council because I am interested in the quality of life of the people of our town and the Island as a whole. This is a good place to live but it could be a better one.

Road safety is always an issue both on the main roads and the side roads. Residents of an area are the best people to make suggestions for road safety measures such as pedestrian barrier and or traffic calming arrangements. The council can help put these forward. I am personally keen to see speeds on the side roads reduced.

Maintaining and improving facilities for residents is another. The refusal of the NHS to allow a pharmacy to set up here was inexplicable. Empty shops have been and still are a problem but this has recently improved (without any help or input from me!). We need a common sense approach to planning decisions (which the town council can comment on but not decide). In order to keep and improve the facilities which we have, we need people living here!

As a councillor I hope to be voice on the council for residents of Brading. I believe that the council can be a voice for Brading in the wider community.

As I said before I was a district councillor in Havant, but I am new to things at this level and will need to learn. Please bear with me.

Click on the '@envelope' link to email me if you want to raise anything. (If that doesn't work on your device, type in into your email program.) There is also a link to the Brading Town Council site on my links page. I will include other pages as the need arises.

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